New Swarovski Colors for Spring/Summer 2011

Swarovski has announced its Crystallized ™ colors and elements for the spring and summer of 2011. Two new colors are joining the 100s already available from Swarovski.

Fern Green is a rich, bright green that evokes the mystical beauty of the ancient forest fern. Swarovski already makes a darker, deeper green, Emerald and it looks like Fern Green has been created to fill the color gap left by discontinuing Light Emerald. Although Fern Green and Light Emerald are both bright medium greens, the new Fern Green is a more intense color.

The other new color is Provence Lavender, a very delicate and pale lavender-blue, almost as if the color wizards at Swarovski plucked the color right from the sun bleached hillsides of Southern France. These new colors unashamedly celebrate the beauty of plant life.

These new colors have just been announced so check back often because we will announce when they have arrived.

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