More Swarovski Innovations for Spring/Summer 2011

Lavender Pearl, Cosmic Square Ring, Square Bead Double Hole, Xilion Heart Pendant, Artemis Bead, Wing Bead, Baroque Pearl and Wing Pendant.

In addition to the two new crystal colors, Provence Lavender and Fern Green, Swarovski also announced a new pearl color, Lavender pearl in February. This new pearl color is an elegant addition to the already quite comprehensive selection of pearl colors. It fills the need for a very light lilac color, combining glamorous refinement with elegant understatement. Its smooth, shimmering tone offers a look that is both timeless and contemporary. Lighter and a bit pinker than Mauve, and much lighter than Dark Purple, I am sure that the Lavender pearl with be a very popular color with both designers and wearers of jewelry alike.

But new colors are not the only new thing from Swarovski, in fact they announced a whole range of innovations, from new cuts, styles and sizes to expanded ranges of sizes and color options for already existing lines. Here is a comprehensive rundown of all the new things you have to play with:

  • Cosmic Square Ring: the Cosmic Ring and the Cosmic Square have given birth to a new generation in the Cosmic family with a crystal component that borrows the best from both its predecessors. Offered in the same effect and size assortments as its parents, the Cosmic Square Ring has a playful organic shape with irregular cuts which it add a unique brilliance and sparkling accents to contemporary designs.
  • Square Bead Double Hole: this completely new bead features two parallel holes and an innovative shape which offers a vast array of combination possibilities.
  • Xilion Heart Pendant: the sophisticated Xilion-cut pendant has received an upgrade. Now with more cuts than ever before, the Xilion Heart Pendant ‘s luminosity and brilliance has been enhanced with complex faceting and multi-layer cuts. The pendant’s hole has also been enlarged to accommodate a much wider range of  strings, wires and bails for all your design needs.
  • Artemis Bead: named for the Greek Goddess of archery, this brand new bead design is Swarovski’s modern reinterpretation of the spacer bead. Its conical shape and beveled hole makes it ideal for combination with round elements such as crystal pearls.
  • Wing Bead: belonging to the Wing family which already consists of a flatback and fancy stone, this bead and its sister pendant (see below), have been introduced this year to give jewellery designers the opportunity to work with this modern art nouveau look that fashion designers have recently embraced.
  • Crystal Baroque Pearl: this new crystal pearl shape has been developed to expand the possibilities for designers working with asymmetrical and organic shapes that are at the cutting edge of current fashion trends.The Crystal Baroque Pearl showcases wonderful effects and smooth light reflections with a shape that implies a strong and futuristic mood.
  • Wing Pendant: exactly the same cut as the Wing bead, this pendant has the same romantic feel and refined faceting as all the members of the Wing family and greatly expands the designer’s opportunity for creating pieces whose component parts echo one another by using both the pendant and bead.


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