Spring Means Pearls: About Swarovski’s Amazing Crystal Pearls

Although the weather has been pretty rainy here in our neck of the woods, the budding trees and the flowering daffodils point to the glorious days of summer just around the corner and get me excited about the warmth and freshness of springtime.

Along with pastels, colored eggs, fluffy chicks and newborn lambs, spring inevitably gets me in the mood for pearls. With the glitz and sparkle needed for the chilly winter months a distant memory, subdued pearls in warm spring shades are the perfect compliment to the exuberance of the flowering season. Pearls add sophistication and class to all manner of traditional spring time events: garden parties, Easter services, ladies luncheons and of course weddings! They are also a classic gift for Mother’s Day.

Swarovski White Pearl

Natural pearls, although beautiful, are expensive because their value derives from the hard labor that it takes to cultivate, harvest, and carefully select only a few pearls from among thousands that are the same shape and size.  Swarovski Crystal Pearls offer this same consistency because they are perfect imitations of natural pearls.

Swarovski Powder Rose Pearl

Each Swarovski Pearl begins with a crystal sphere that gives the pearl its ideal weight, hence the name Crystal Pearl. Then, each Swarovski Pearl bead is uniformly coated with iridescent, mother-of-pearl like layers. The even coating combined with the crystal base of the pearl beads give them a luminosity and luster similar to that of real pearls. Like natural pearls, Swarovski Crystal Pearls are designed to absorb the warmth of your skin and remain at body temperature when worn. Swarovski Crystal Pearls feel good to the touch and and offer that sensual experience valued by pearl enthusiasts.

Swarovski Light Green Pearl

Aside from a better price due to less labor and waste during the manufacturing process, Swarovski Crystal Pearls have other advantages over natural pearls. They are abrasion-proof, resistant to perfume, perspiration, electroplating, UV light and scratches and they can be washed and dry cleaned. In addition, the selection of vibrant colors makes it possible to use with just about any color palette. Using Swarovski Crystal Pearls will give you the look of the most expensive pearls money can buy without the hefty price tag.

I know I’ll be digging through my jewlery box for my Swarovski Crystal Pearls, complimented with crystal beads in all the right places, for that ideal classic spring time look.


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    1. we all agree, pearls rule!

    1. you are absolutely right, please note that Eureka has the best prices for Swarovski Pearls anywhere – no coupon needed!

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