Eureka Crystal News Update

We’ve been really busy here at Eureka, gearing up for summertime as well as two big shows we have this weekend at the Innovative Beads Expo in Cromwell, CT and the Long Island Bead Festival in Islandia, NY but we wanted to update everyone about all of the events, both big and small, going on at Eureka Crystal Beads.

Bonita: Breaking Down after Niagara

Our last two shows were March 20-21 in Niagara Falls, NY and March 27-28 in Seekonk, MA, both of which were newly added to our schedule this year. The drive to Niagara Falls was quite a long one for us, but Walter and Bonita managed it with good cheer and were glad to be able to expand Eureka’s presence into that part of upstate New York (they were also glad to see the the falls were still as magnificent as ever!).

Niagara Falls, NY

We were able to have one of our largest set ups there and we encourage everyone in the area to come see us next year.

Seekonk, on the other hand, happened to be our shortest drive so far!  The location was impressive, the Johnson and Wales Inn, which was staffed and run entirely by students from the famous nearby culinary and hospitality college, Johnson and Wales in Providence, RI.

Seekonk, MA

One of the best parts of having a show so close to home is that friends and family have a chance to take part in the fun. Bonita’s sister in law, Wiesia, a talented knitter, took her first beading class with Meg from Bead My Love and was hooked on the possibilities of working with beads.

Wiesia proudly wearing her first necklace

Peter’s friend Lori, dropped by to say ‘hello’ and check out our selection of Swarovski crystals.

Peter with Lori in Seekonk

Being on home turf in Seekonk also gave Bonita and Walter the chance to play host to a few members of the Innovative Beads Show family with an intimate dinner party on Saturday night with Serita and Renu of Expo USA, Monnie and Kathy of Kazuri Beads and Laura and Maurice of ANACAPRI.

Innovative Beads Expo Dinner Party

Many of you have also been expressing worry about us because of the news of the disastrous flooding that took place in Rhode Island at the end of March. We thank everyone for their concerns and good wishes and want to assure you all that we were thankfully unscathed by the disaster. The Eureka Crystal Beads family (and our vast inventory) was completely untouched by the flooding that affected many of our friends and neighbors who continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.


Flooding in RI

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  1. val says:

    Thanks for showing us pictures from all the latest bead shows.. you have a super inventory and customers can always find something new to tickle their creativity!
    hope those affected by the flood are doing okay..

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