A Designer’s Guide to Swarovski Custom Finishes

At Eureka Crystal Beads we carry a large selection of Swarovski crystal custom coatings (also known as after market coatings) on Swarovski crystal beads, rivolis and pendants.

These custom finishes are not applied by Swarovski but are instead created by various other companies from whom we source our unbeatable selection. These custom finishes are applied to Swarovski crystal and expand the range of color and effect options available in these high quality, world class crystal components.

There are two types of custom coatings: transparent and opaque metallic. Transparent finishes, as the name implies, are used to give clear crystal both sparkle effects as well as add color ranging from bright to subtle, while amping up glitter and often modifying color when applied to colored crystal.

The opaque metallic finishes are used to coat one side of the crystal and create deep, rich colorful finishes as well as highly reflective effects. We’ve collected for you everything there is to know about these custom coatings in an illustrated designer’s guide to custom finishes.

Part 1: Transparent Coatings

Purple Haze

Purple Haze Probably one of the most popular custom coatings, Purple Haze, a transparent coating, is unique and striking, combining rich purple hues with neutral tones that create a mesmerizing and memorable brilliance. On clear crystal, the delicate interplay of colors is center stage. When applied to other colors such as Fuchsia or Indian Pink, the finish adds colorful dimension and depth with its sheer rich purple hues.

Glacier Blue

Glacier Blue A transparent coating, Glacier Blue glitters with icy blues while hinting at subtle yellows. This coating is designed to be exceptionally reflective, transforming clear crystal with its extraordinary brilliance while adding subtle icy shimmer to colors such as Jet and Topaz.


Ice Named for its silvery icicle color, Ice is a transparent coating that transforms ordinary clear crystal into a shimmery spectacle of dazzling light with subtle blue tones and silver panes of color.


Titan With its rich vibrant tones, Titan is a beautiful and fashionable new finish with a transparent steel blue hue. This coating transforms ordinary colors into new tones with extraordinary depth and complex color layers, creating astonishingly beautiful combinations like Light Peach Titan or White Opal Titan.

Chili Pepper

Chili Pepper This dazzling custom finish adds rich, spicy reds and yellows to your color palette. The transparent coating lets you work with spectacular reflective qualities and the deep fiery tones of its sizzling namesake. Chili Pepper also looks spectacular on colors such as Palace Green Opal.


Starlight The dusky Starlight glimmers with ethereal layers of color inspired by twilight. Evening’s deepening silvers, whispers of lavender and traces of sunset gold combine to create a refined and sophisticated finish that works with anything your inspiration can imagine.


Verde Another of our more popular finishes, Verde is a transparent coating with subtle olive greens and hints of vibrant fuchsias and Lavenders which create intriguing and intricate color layers that dazzle the eye. Verde works beautifully in combination with colors from the Fuchsia, Peridot and Tanzanite families.


Brandy Imitating the vivid colors of its liquid namesake, Brandy imbues clear crystal with soft warm yellows and deep gold reflections while adding subtle shine to colors such as Olivine and Ruby. This elegant finish works beautifully in combination with Chili Pepper and is timelessly stylish when paired with Swarovski crystal pearls.


Champagne The lively effervescence of Champagne, sparkling wine, has been captured perfectly in this custom coating. Imitating the delicate hue as well as the luminous, gleaming qualities of the bubbly, this finish is irresistible on clear crystal and adds a vivacious dimension to colors such as Light Amethyst and Light Rose.


Lemon Vibrant and light, Lemon is a soft yellow transparent coating which gives off a lively, fresh, citrus tone from crystal facets while imbuing colored crystal like Palace Green Opal with delicate gold shimmer.

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Next we will explore the world of opaque metallic finishes.


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