A Desiger’s Guide to Swarowski Custom Finishes II

Part II: Opaque Metallic Coatings

As mentioned in the previous post, there are two types of custom coatings: transparent and opaque metallic. Transparent finishes give clear crystal both sparkle effects as well as add color ranging from bright to subtle, while amping up glitter and often modifying color when applied to colored crystal.

Opaque metallic finishes are used to coat one side of the crystal and create deep, rich colorful finishes as well as highly reflective effects. This is Part II of our two-part Designer’s Guide to Swarovski Custom Finishes in which we’ve collected everything there is to know about these custom coatings in an illustrated guide.

Cathedral Custom Finish on Swarovski Citrine Bicones and Rivoli (front and back views)

Cathedral Inspired by the gilded altarpieces and brilliant stained glass of medieval European cathedrals, this opaque metallic coating subtly enhances colored crystal, like the Citrine pictured, adding the warm luminous qualities of gold and that unmistakable orangy-red effect that is the Cathedral Custom Finish’s hallmark. A truly splendid effect.

Citrine Custom Finish on Swarovski Jonquil and Lime Bicones and on Rivoli

Citrine A greenish citrus effect with latent blues, like dewy morning limes glistening in the hot tropical sun, the Citrine Custom Finish adds subtle tones and brilliant sparkle to both colored crystal like the bicones pictured and to clear crystals.

Electra I Custom Coating on Swarovski Crystal and Fuchsia Bicones and Electra II on Rivoli (front and back shown)

Electra A dazzling metallic custom coating, Electra is available in two intensities, Electra I and Electra II. Electra I is a gleaming pink-purple effect with red-orange undertones that works beautifully to enhance clear crystal and colors like fuchsia, giving them both depth and unbeatable metallic shine. Electra II, which is only available by special order, amps up these color effects and deepens them into jewel-like tones that are both deeply pigmented and richly vibrant. Consisting of fiery pinks, lavenders and deep purples with just a hint of a bright shiny green, Electra II is a feast for the visual senses.

Helio Custom Coating on Swarovski Crystal Bicones and Rivoli

Helio Not to be confused with Swarovski’s own Heliotrope finish which is a deep blue-purple color, the Helio Custom Coating combines the deep velvety reds and twilight indigos of a late sunset, pierced with fuchsia afterthoughts, lifting clear crystal from ordinary to extraordinary and enhancing bright crystal colors like fuchsia with depth and shine.

Idiris Custom Coating on Lilac Bicones

Iridis A medium rainbow finish that is decidedly hard to describe, the Iridis Custom Coating brilliantly reflects light like all metallic coatings and projects medium oranges, light and deep pinks, light and medium greens while hinting at rich subtle blues and lavenders. A finish that must really be seen since photographs and wordy descriptions do it no justice.

Rosaline Custom Coating on Light Amethyst Bicones, Rivolis and Light Azore Bicones

Rosaline A rosy hue that amps up the shine quality and allows colors like Light Amethyst and Light Azore to really pop, the Rosaline Custom Coating fills a deeply needed gap for warm, subtle, rosy finishes that bring out the brilliance of some of the most popular subtle colors. Often likened to Swarovski’s Aurora Borealis (AB) coating in the possibilities of its universal application, Rosaline trends in a different color direction and creates that many more possibilities for designing with color.

Rosaline/Gold Custom Coating on Swarovski Crystal Bicones

Rosaline/Gold A cousin to the Rosaline Finish, the Rosaline/Gold Custom Coating adds a more metallic, bright gold effect to the warm rosy hues of the above coating. It creates a decidedly warm, soft golden sparkle and works beautifully on colors such as Rose or the clear Crystal pictured above.

Sphinx Custom Coating on Swarovski Crystal, Aqua, Peridot and Sapphire Bicones and in two hues on Rivolis

Sphinx The opaque metallic coating of Sphinx comes in two shades: the original which is a deep jewel-tone blue (left rivoli above) and a Green Sphinx (right rivoli above) which is a glittery pale green. Inspired by the colors of the vast Sahara desert, Sphinx is reminiscent of the deep shroud of desert night while Green Sphinx brings to mind the delicately flourishing life of the oasis. On beads these finishes glitter like hidden gemstones of the desert, giving colors like Palace Green Opal an added dimension and brilliance.

Light Vitrail Custom Coating on Swarovski Violet Bicones and on Rivoli

Light Vitrail Soft pink shades punctuated by slivers of rich violet, deep magenta and a little flame of orange characterize the Light Vitrail Custom Coating. A brilliant subtle coating, it works well in combination with other coatings or standing alone.

This ends our two part guide to the Custom Coatings currently available on Swarovski crystal beads.

Bead Your Heart Out!


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  1. susan kelly says:

    Hi i am from the UK and am looking to purchase custom coated swarovski crystal. in the baroque 6090 in 16m and 22m have you any advice on where i can purchase them.
    kind regards

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