Summer 2010 Color Trends

We’re deep into summer now, so its time to take a look at the trendy colors for this summer season. This year, colors come in themes with color palates carefully arranged to evoke the four themes this season.

Pop Appeal:

A cheerful, yet slightly faded range evoking 70’s colors, which seem to have been softened in the washing machine. Muffled tones: pale blue, faded beige, soft khaki. A range completed by more intense hues of yellow or violet with stronger accents of red or sky blue.

Ode to Nature:

A soft, serene palette with kaolin accents. Chalky, light, faded, powder and talcum colors are accompanied by more intense shades of taupe beige and mauve. A range of dynamic, springtime pastels is added to this base: pink, greenish yellow, orange, vibrant green.

Light Tech:

Fresh, acidic tints that evoke chemical elixirs and experimental emulsions. The flashy, slightly pop colors of vitamin-charged smoothies: green, pink, turquoise, yellow and acidic orange. They are accompanied by a second range of more faded and somewhat veiled, grayed tints.

Southern Folk:

Vibrant, joyous party tints in slashes of color. Blazing red and deep violet blend with more neutral shades evoking dry, South American landscapes: ochres, clays, beiges, cactus greens.

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