Czech Dagger Beads are All the Rage

And here is why:

Czech glass Dagger beads have been popping up in beading books and articles a lot lately and it’s easy to see why. These pressed glass beads, shaped like daggers (hence the name) are prefect for fringe designs and embellishments, chandelier and any type of dangling earrings, drop necklaces, charm bracelets and the like.

They add eye-catching movement to any jewelry design such as these wonderful bracelets made using daggers and seed beads with the peyote stitch. Check out the wide range of sizes, colors and finishes available here. Check out our post about Dagger jewelry design here.

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  1. kim says:

    Can I get this daggger bracelet pattern?

    1. You can find the pattern on our new tutorial page.

  2. kathy legan says:

    the view of the czech dagger braceket what size are the beads shown and where did the clasp come from? what color are the beads?

    Just beautiful

    1. Hi Kathy! The beads in these bracelets are the 10x3mm size ones. We are unsure of the origin of this particular clasp, but you may be able to find similar ones from Clasp-On, Clasp-Off, a purveyor of fine clasps and finding for jewelry making. As for the colors, these bracelets are made with a mixture of different colored beads and it is difficult to tell which colors were used. We also carry a variety of limited edition and short series of colors that are only available at the shows due to their limited quantities and it is possible that it was just such limited edition beads that were used here. I hope this answers your questions!

      See you in Marlborough!

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