New Arrivals Announced: Swarovski Custom Coatings

Swarovski Twist Bead with Peacock Eye Custom Coating

I recently did a piece on the latest gorgeous Swarovski Custom Coating: Peacock Eye and just today we received another bead dressed up in those vibrant colors. We now have the 5621 14mm Twist Bead (the one that’s shaped like a potato chip and makes absolutely fabulous earrings and bracelet charms). The cut of Swarovski’s Twist Bead is already brilliant and magical, and adding the Peacock Eye finish amps up the mystery and glamor. When you see it, you will be mesmerized (the photo does not do it justice)!

White Opal Chili Pepper

We have also just received 4mm Custom Coated Bicones in White Opal Brandy, White Opal Chili Pepper and Aquamarine Glacier Blue.

Aquamarine Glacier Blue

They are lovely. I f you have never used them before, try them, you will be surprised how they can transform any jewelry piece into a work of art.

White Opal Brandy

Check our website frequently for updates as we are adding new items every day. And don’t forget to stop by our booth at our next Bead Shows to see these gorgeous beads in person as well as to stock up on our annual holiday kits and designs!

Our 2010 Fall Schedule includes:

September 17-19 in Marlborough, MA

September 25-26 in Allentown, PA

September 26 in Long Island, NY

October 9-10 in Albany, NY

October 23-24 in Syracuse, NY

October 30-31 in Mt. Laurel, NJ

November 12-14 in Marlborough, MA

November 19-21 in Edison, NJ

December 11-12 in Doylestown, PA

Come say ‘hi’!


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