Swarovski’s 2010 European Design Contest Winners Announced!

The theme of this year’s European Design Contest was Boudoir Beautiful. Inspired by Renaissance influences with a softened modern appeal the competition theme is considered to be the prevailing fashion theme of 2010. Using pearls, bows and lace, filigree and raw silks to weave around beautiful pendants or work around fancy stones in a shimmering range of hues with powerful dark contrasts, contest entrants made some stunning designs. Let these fanciful creations unleash your imagination and let it run wild!

The winners:

1st Place: Beautiful Boudoir by Alicante Chassagne
Alicante Chassagne started jewelery making only 3 years ago but what started as a hobby quickly became an all consuming passion. The jury panel felt the originality of Alicante’s necklace with its asymmetric look, soft tones, use of different textures and variety of Swarovski crystals made it worthy of the first prize. Although seeped in baroque and renaissance influences, Alicante’s necklace would not be out of place on today’s catwalks!

2nd Place: Eclat d’un Soir by CHATORRIER Estelle
Estelle Chatorrier has trained and worked in the atelier of the Haute-Couture houses in Paris. She uses the age-old skills of embroidery, stitching and crochet to create beautifully intricate and detailed accessories. The workmanship on the hair piece wowed the judges with its fine use of leather, ribbon and lace weaved in and out with Swarovski crystals and filigree.

3rd Place: La Marquise de Pompadour by Océanie Créations
After having run her own bead shop for a few years, Oceanie decided to turn her love for beads and crystals back into a hobby to be able to dedicate more of her time to her family. The standard and finish of this piece were truly exceptional and fitted the theme to perfection making it stand out as third winner of the competition.

Some of my other favorite entries included:

Champagne and Caviar by Susanne Major

Dame mit Hermelin/Dame with an ermine by Andrea Draebelow

Peacock Headband by Kerri Miller. MORI by Lisa Park

Now that you’ve been inspired, come and get your hands on our amazing selection of Swarovski crystal and Czech glass beads here and go beat your heart out!


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