Sparkle Inspiration

I love glittery things. Don’t you? Well I’m going to admit it, this entry is pure fluff. I collected a bunch of beautiful Swarovski encrusted glittery pictures and thought that I should share them on the blog. After all, if crystal bead people don’t appreciate some serious sparkle, I can’t imagine who will! Who knows? You might just get inspired!

With over 1,300 Swarovski flatback crystals in different colors, these glasses will give you a crystal clear view of the stage, even if you might end up blinding those seated around you with all that bling! The glasses come with a velvet carry pouch to ensure they stay safe and cost $300.


These are some of Amanda Dunbar’s fine Art Guitars covered in Swarovski flatback or hotfix crystals. Precious Rebels is the name of her collection ranging from $15,000 to $75000. There are around 30 pieces which have been glued with thousands of crystals. Each is refurbished and is also equipped with radio frequency identification technology. Can rock and roll get any more glamorous than this?


This amazing Aqua Glass Swarovski Crystal and Turquoise Wire Necklace, created by Janine Antulov features a beautiful flowing organic wire design punctuated with glass, Swarovski crystals and various other elements. I was also really drawn in by her choice of colors which work beautifully in this piece.


Footwear News has just announced the Sexiest Shoes of 2010 as voted on by nearly 8,000 customers. As you can guess, the winners had some serious Swarovski sparkle.

Designer Louboutin took the grand prize for his Swarovski crystal-embellished Maralena mesh peep-toe pumps, above (an eye-popping $2445). With a towering crystal-encrusted stiletto heel measuring 5.5 inches (14 cm), the design beat out designs by Valentino, Roger Vivier and Sergio Rossi among others.


I love the glitter and glamor of these beautiful crystal embellished objects (even if the price tags are hard to swallow). Maybe I’ll think like a designer and encrust my own shoes!

Bead your heart out!


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