4mm Czech Firepolish: Lovely and Versatile

Here at Eureka we are always on the lookout for new, versatile and beautiful beads, colors and coatings from the Czech Republic and Austria. Today we’re highlighting our selection of 4 mm Czech round firepolish glass beads.

4mm round firepolish in Apollo Gold

Their popularity has skyrocketed lately because they are the most versatile of all the Czech glass beads. They can be used in combination with Swarovski crystal, natural stones and pearls.

4mm round firepolish in Beige Opaque Luster

Thrifty designers also note these pretty little beads will add sparkle and glimmer to a project without the added price tag! At  Eureka we carry a large selection of these beads, over 140 colors and finishes. Have a look around our Czech glass selection and you will be sure to find all manner of wonderful things for all designing styles and designing budgets!

4mm Blue Crystal AB Luster

Enjoy these beauties while they last!

Bronze in 4mm
4mm round firepolish in Red Bronze Hematite
Light Sapphire Celsian
4mm in Turquoise Opaque
Turquoise Picasso Opaque in 4mm round firepolish

Bead Your Heart Out!


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