Fashion Report: Color Trends for Spring 2011

It may be chilly outside but here at Eureka Crystal Beads we are already thinking about spring! The latest fashion color trends, as gleaned from a survey of fashion designers at New York Fashion week by Pantone, the global authority on color, reveal the top 10 colors for women’s fashion for spring 2011. By following the lead of fashion designers, beaders and jewelry makers can up the cutting edge fashion appeal of their work as well as make sure that their latest designs work well with the colors that will be dominant in women’s fashion next season.


Flirtatious Honeysuckle is a feel-good hue that brings a festive sense of playfulness to this season’s palette. This vibrant pinkish-red for both apparel and cosmetics makes consumers feel alive, and is a perfect post-winter pick-me-up. For colors that work well with Honeysuckle try Swarovski’s Indian Pink, Rosaline pearl or Czech firepolish in Alexandrite Celsian.


Dramatically dark Russet, a trans-seasonal neutral, grounds many of the other colors and adds an earthy, organic depth when combined with piquant hues like Beeswax and Coral Rose. Go with Swarovski’s Mocca, Deep Brown pearl or Czech colors such as Antique Gold, Cocoa or Dark Bronze.

Coral Rose

Spicy, gregarious and persuasive describe Coral Rose, a sophisticated orange that pairs well with a cool, refreshing color-wheel opposite like Regatta for a vibrant color combination that will add zest to any wardrobe. For Coral Rose like hues from Swarovski, the bright warm crystal colors of Sun, Fire Opal and Hyacinth work splendidly as does the Hyacinth Czech color. As for cool, refreshing, Regatta, Swarovski has many crystal colors fitting that palette such as Capri Blue, Indicolite and Caribbean Blue Opal with Czech fire polish try the stunning Capri Blue Luster.


Peapod, a fresh yellow-green, is reminiscent of the green shoots that signify change and new beginnings traditionally found in spring. Swarovski showcases this range of colors with Chrysolite and Peridot or the Light Green Pearl. In Czech beads Green Emerald and Green Mix evoke this color.

Blue Curacao

Alluring Blue Curacao evokes thoughts of tropical destinations and pays homage to the 2010 Color of the Year, Turquoise. Swarovski crystals in this color range include Turquoise and Blue Zircon. Practical consumers can continue to incorporate enticing Caribbean blues into spring by pairing Blue Curacao with warm, complementary colors like Honeysuckle or Coral Rose.


Beeswax, a warm, honeyed yellow, conjures up feelings of faraway lands and locales. Right on target with this trend, Swarovski recently introduced the new color Sunflower to add some honey yellow to their crystal palette.


Romantic, fanciful Lavender implies sensuality with its subtle hint of red undertone. Combine it with Beeswax or Coral Rose for a unique counterpoint. Use Swarovski’s Lavender, Provence Lavender or Lavender Crystal Pearl for the same effect.

Silver Peony
Silver Cloud

Trans-seasonal neutrals ground this season’s palette and provide a stable backdrop for all of the other colors. The so-called “nude hues” are represented by ethereal Silver Peony and the dependable background color, Silver Cloud, a quintessential neutral that consumers can rely on to coordinate with everything in their closet. Swarovski crystals mimicking silver peony include Silk, Vintage Rose and Rose Water Opal while silver cloud is reflected in Swarovski’s Greige and Light Grey Opal.

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