Swarovski Innovations for Spring/Summer 2012

True to form, Swarovski has hit another home run with their latest Crystal Innovations for Spring/Summer 2012. Fabulous new shades with old world elegance speak to a desire for a more simple, less complicated relationship to the modern world and a deeper, more profound connection with nature. The collection is imbued with a romantic aesthetic, making use of organic shapes and warm cozy earth tones.

Chrysolite Opal

The new color that everyone is raving about is Chrysolite Opal. Recognizing the continued trend towards the milky, hazy and smoky, Chrysolite Opal follows on the heels of Swarovski’s Spring/Summer 2010’s brilliant Air Blue Opal and Autumn/Winter 2010/2011’s gorgeous Cyclamen Opal. This soft, almost powdery, color exudes a serene romantic allure and works well in combination with both neutrals as well as deeply rich colors. It works well in both traditionally feminine designs as well as more edgy, fashion forward concepts. I predict that this is a color that we will be seeing a lot of in the near future.

Crystal Bronze Shade

The other big crystal color news from Swarovski this season is Crystal Bronze Shade. This color falls into the second major trending category right now, which is metallics. The striking color is both elegant and sophisticated but not overwhelming. Swarovski’s color people have done their homework and have created a color both earthy and opulent, and one that works in just about every setting imaginable, from high fashion to daily wear. Crystal Bronze Shade is an instant classic.

Crystal Vintage Gold Pearl

This season, Swarovski’s new Crystal Pearl color is Vintage Gold. A shimmering acknowledgment of the move towards vintage and antique inspirations for both fashion and jewelry, the Crystal Vintage Gold Pearl’s soft honey luster adds another warm neutral classic to the crystal pearl palette. Classic colors are still the best sellers of the crystal pearl line.

Amethyst Blend

Swarovski’s most exciting announcement this season had to do with the introduction of the new Crystal Blends line under the auspices of their Fusion Concepts range. Recognizing the demand for intriguing color blends, Swarovski has come up with a way to morph two colors into one in one single bead or pendant. The results are stunning. Crystals ripple with waves of light in graduated colors, creating dazzling effects. The line is debuting this season in two colors: Amethyst Blend, a swirl of palest violet through to deep purple; and Topaz Blend, an infusion of champagne, amber and warm browns.

Topaz Blend

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