Spring/Summer Color Trends 2012 for Beading

It may be cold out but it’s time to start thinking about spring and summer jewelry so you can be ready to show it off when the mercury rises. We’ve collected a few trends for Spring/Summer 2012 to give you a little heads up on what’s going to be big this coming season:

Summer Heat
Sun drenched evenings of ripe summer invite you to experiment with opaque tones. Fiery reds subdued by solid grays and cool granite. Copper and gold finishes form warm color combinations of distinct orange and provocative yellow serves as a counterpoint.
yellow-red, virtual yellow, dark grey, gold honey, copper, bee wax, neutral gray, coral, black

Budding Spring
Nature awakens with contrasts of pastels and bright fresh leaf colors. Magic energy of new life emerges from the hopeless wasteland of sleeping nature and brings new optimism.
light gray, light blue, light lime yellow, brown-green, green banana, olive brown, blue opal, light

In the Style of Romance

The enchanting romantic color blend of light amethyst and peachy skin tones pleasantly compliments the silky softness of chocolate brown. Mixing bead shapes and sizes with techniques like embroidery brings out the connection between fabric and glass ornamentation.


light amethyst, chocolate brown, light peach, lilac, muted purple shades, dusty pink, russet, rose, taupe

Pure Joy
Sun bleached pure and airy soft pastels complement the omnipresent white in all its imaginable shapes and structures. Bright summer days, reminiscent of refreshing vacation time invite us to experience pleasant scents and colors of a sandy beach stroll.
white opal, pale shades of white, transparent light yellow, light blue-green, white alabaster, light topaz, yellow and blue luster, crystal matt.


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