Top Three Ways to Ruin Your Beadwork Sales

An inviting setup by Kimberlie Kohler.

We spoke with several expert designers for this week’s issue about how to prevent some of the biggest mistakes new beaders make when they are just starting out and working really hard to attract a clientele. Over and over again we heard the same thing, there are three surefire ways to ruin your sales and scare away customers.

1)    Use cheap findings – often overlooked, the humble jump ring or crimp tube can be the difference between a piece of jewelry that works or one that falls apart instantly. Don’t get the reputation for making jewelry that doesn’t last. Use the best quality findings and your customers will return again and again.

2)    Use inferior or knockoff crystal – cheap crystal, often falsely advertized as “Swarovski,” lacks the sparkle and brilliance of the genuine article. Don’t get taken in by retailers who are not Create Your Style partners and sell at astronomic discount. There are lots of ways to make affordable beaded jewelry using genuine Swarovski crystals. Techniques for using less beads, mixing crystal with Bohemian glass or seed beads will make your project easy on the budget without sacrificing the glamor of genuine Swarovski.


The difference in quality is obvious!

3)    Ignore fashion trends – another serious mistake many beaders make is to forget to follow the trends of the season, getting suck with absolutely beautiful designs in all the wrong colors. Of course you shouldn’t feel bound by color trends, but knowing what is popular, what will be in demand and especially what will coordinate with the looks that everyone will be wearing in upcoming seasons will help you turn the typical “it’s beautiful but it doesn’t go with anything I have” into “this will go perfectly with my new dress!”

This year's color of the year: Emerald.
This year’s color of the year: Emerald.

Luckily, here at Eureka, you are guaranteed to find the highest quality supplies for all your jewelry making needs as well as a whole team devoted to keeping you informed of the latest trends, innovations and tricks of the trade. Don’t skimp on quality and stay informed by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

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