European Design Trends

84fdc0c185c3973058ae642660e13cd4_mSometimes all it takes is a quick look over the pond to see what’s going on in the fashion capitals of Europe to discover the next big thing. Bonita just returned from her European trip and has shared with us the big beading and fashion trends that are sweeping the continent.

Beaded Peter Pan Collars
Big collars, heavily adorned with beads seemed to be making a splash everywhere Bonita looked.

Beaded Peter Pan collars are all the rage in Europe.
Beaded Peter Pan collars are all the rage in Europe.

These so-called Peter Pan collars borrow from a 1970s aesthetic but add a modern twist. Many of these collars are actually bib-style necklaces and not even attached to the blouse underneath (this makes washing much simpler and allows you to mix and match!).


Bib necklaces have made a comeback in the US recently. Will these collar-style necklaces be the next big thing?


With their versatility, you can go simple or you can go bold, all signs point to yes! Adorn them with seed beads like our lovely Charlottes or Farfalles, go for a sophisticated look with some Swarovski pearls or bring out your inner punk rocker with Czech glass Spikes and Czech Glass Daggers galore. Your options to look fabulous are endless!



Soutache Ribbon Embroidery Jewelry
Soutache Ribbon Embroidery Jewelry

Soutache (rhymes with mustache) is a recently revived style of embroidery to make beautiful, opulent jewelry incorporating fabric ribbons and beads which was propagated by Israeli artist Dori Csengeri beginning over ten years ago.


The memorizing designs, abundance of colors and ease of use have made soutache a big hit in Europe lately. Do you think this look will translate in the US?

6001661_sutasz---neon--w--szarosciach soutache, sutasz, kolczyki sutasz, kleo soutache, kleo sutasz, biżuteria sutasz, turkus , kolczyki niebieskie

We love the bright and the bold! I think we can safely say the soutache is going to be bigger here than anywhere! We are totally in love with this trend so keep a look out for more about soutache in the future. In the meantime, check out our Pinterest Soutache board for more delectable designs! And don’t forget to like us on Facebook!

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