Swarovski Pearl Gem Color Combinations

Swarovski Crystal Pearl Gem Colors.

Swarovski’s line of beautiful Gem Colors is a fantastic choice for summer designs incorporating all of the hottest trends from Bohemian to Art Deco. Take a look and get inspired!


Warm Corals: Red Coral, Coral and Pink Coral Pearls.


Fresh summer colors: Ivory, Jade and Turquoise Pearls.


Deep elegance: Lapis, Dark Lapis and Mystic Black Pearls.

Take a look at some of these beautiful color combinations with Swarovski’s Gem Color Pearls and other Swarovski colors. Click on the image for a list of the elements in these designs.

An opulent all-white look with Swarovski Ivory pearl.
Elegant jewelry with Ivory pearl and gold tones.
Crystal Pink Coral pearl and Crystal Rose Peach pearl with milky white accents.
Sparkling reds with Swarovski Red Coral pearl.
Red Coral pearl with Mystic Black pearl for an elegant look.
Turquoise pearl, Coral pearl mixed with Color Blends for a fresh summer look.
Swarovski Lapis, Turquoise and Red Coral pearls.
Bright blues for summer with Swarovski Turquoise pearls.
On-trend denim look with Swarovski Lapis pearl.
Swarovski Dark Lapis pearl makes a fantastic base for violets.

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  1. Lydia says:

    Those necklaces are so glamorous!

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