Swarovski Pre-launch Fall Winter 2014/15 Innovations

Natural Beauties


SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS introduces its Pre-Season Fall/Winter 2014/15 product innovations. With the emphasis on neo-ecology—the socio-ecological impact of our actions on the environment—the overall theme, ‘Natural Beauties’, is inspired by the strength and fragility of nature. Softened, bleached-out tones convey a sense of nostalgia. Fashion-forward, blended colors reflect the changing seasons, merging glacial cool with feminine warmth.


Provence Lavender-Chrysolite Blend
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS presents two new Crystal Blend Colors: the subtle combination of soft lavender and sorbet green tones in Provence Lavender-Chrysolite Blend captures the transition of spring into summer, its fresh, feminine colors suggesting lavender fields swaying in the afternoon sun.


Crystal-Montana Blend
Crystal-Montana Blend’s glacial radiance of Montana blue merged with pure Crystal evokes landscapes of melting snowcaps and frozen lakes. Both Crystal Blend Colors are available in various Beads, Pendants and Sew-on Stones.

Stay tuned to find out when these items will be available from our webstore at Eureka Crystal Beads!

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