Peacocking: An Eye Catching Finish


One of the most unique and sought after finishes, the Peacock Effect, is a rainbow-like effect applied to crystal or Czech glass that is reminiscent of the memorizing colors and stunning pattern of the peacock’s plumage.


Peacock Eye is a custom coating on Swarovski elements that is applied aftermarket. Available in rivolis, twist beads and flat briolettes, this unique finish leaves drops of rainbow color on a golden background.


The ideal choice for jaw dropping jewelry that is one of a kind and absolutely stunning.


Czech beads also come with this brilliant effect on leaves, daggers, pillow beads and more!


Peacock finish applied to Czech pressed glass leaves is a beautiful and fun effect.


On daggers it looks stunning both matte and not, and brings out the beauty of a number of colors.


Peacock lined daggers have the same effect only applied with less precision. This effect gives you the same colors but with a freer, more wild and “stripy” look.


The pillow beads below are dainty little rectangular shaped beads and take on an especially funky character when mottled with this peacock finish. These are some of our most popular beads for summer bracelets and earrings.


Above in gunmetal and below in metallic copper.


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  1. Lindy F. says:

    I love peacock feathers! How beautiful are these finishes?

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