Summer 2013 Czech Firepolish Colors: Gorgeous Greens


Green is a year long trend for 2013 with Emerald named color of the year and light minty greens popping up all over for the spring and summer. We’ve corralled our top five Czech Firepolish greens for the summer season that are bright, fresh and trendy, perfect as the main components of any beautiful jewelry or as supporting elements.

Czech Firepolish Green Black

Following the bold green Emerald trend, the Green Black beads add an interesting swirl of color bringing out both elements of a lighter green as well as black.

Peridot Luster

These spectacular beads in Peridot Luster are light and airy with the beautiful luster finish that gives them extra sparkle. Perfect with minty and light greens this season.

Turquoise Stone Picasso

Jazz up your duller celery greens with this super trendy Turquoise Stone Picasso bead. It’s mottled surface gives it an interest that other beads don’t match and it’s lack of sparkle makes it a great compliment to crystal and metal jewelry alike!

Olivine Vitrail

The beautiful and unusual Vitrail finish on these Olivine beads lends them additional depth and character. Brighten up your olive outfits with a flash of sparkle that you can’t find anywhere else.

Olivine Opaque Vitrail

Another Vitrail finished bead color tops our list because of the finishes immense popularity. Here the finish is overlaid on an opaque Olivine, a super trendy color for summer 2013, and gives it a Mardi Gras feel with all that extra sparkle.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Frances Davis says:

    Those are some beautiful finishes, I don’t see them in stores very much are they new or just uncommon?

    1. We carry a vast selection of new and unusual finishes that are sometimes hard to come by and we’re always updating our inventory. Take a look at our Czech Firepolish selection here.

  2. Danni says:

    Love it!

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