Worst Bead Show Mistakes to Avoid


As we approach our appearance at the Bead & Button Show in Milwaukee WI (June 6th-9th), we’ve put together this list of the worst bead show mistakes you want to avoid so that you can make the most of your time at the bead show!

101_0214Here at Eureka, we’ve been doing bead show for quite some time and we know they can be overwhelming so it’s important to be prepared, follow a few simple dos and don’ts that will get you through the show in one piece.

Here are the worst mistakes people make when attending a bead show:

Not bringing the admission discount coupon. A no brainer! Check the show’s website, most of them offer discounted entry and you can spend those extra bucks on beads!

bead-and-button-rolling-bagNot bringing a carry-all bag. Leave that heavy purse at home or in your car and bring a tote bag instead. Bead vendors tend to use smaller bags and packages but after a while you will end up with lots of little bags so a sturdy tote bag is essential! If you want to get extra fancy, go for a rolling bag like this one.

Forgetting your tax ID form. This is crucial because the tax can really add up and what you want is to spend those extra dollars on beads! Some shows have wholesale-only sections to which you won’t even be admitted without your form. Also make sure to show it to the vendor before you’re rung up to avoid any confusion later.

Not making a shopping list. With beautiful and unique beads on display as far as the eye can see, it’s easy to buy everything that catches your eye but forget about some important beads you need to finish specific projects. Having a list will also help you save time since you already know what you are looking for.

Bead Show 011Start shopping right away. Unless you are at your local bead show and familiar with what the vendors have to offer, it’s important to make at least one pass around the whole show to see what’s available and check prices. Of course if you see something unique and at a small quantity it’s a good idea to grab it before it’s gone.

Forget your notebook. As you make your way around the show, you should be jotting down notes about all the vendors that you want to return to. It will help you make the most of your time and keep you from getting lost or sidetracked. So having a little notebook for jotting down that information is essential.

Buying everything cheap. Cheap beads are cheap for a reason and poor quality materials will make your work look cheap as well. High quality beads are often easier and more enjoyable to work with and will make your work stand out.

Misc 228Buying only basic beads. Sometimes it’s easy to go with what you know and buy beads that you can get anywhere but remember, a bead show is your opportunity to get acquainted with a whole world of new colors, finishes and shapes that are harder to find. Stock up on beads that are uncommon and unusual to make your designs really come alive!

Coming unprepared. As any serious beader knows, bead shows are no joke. Be prepared to be on your feet all day so wear comfortable shoes. If you want to maximize your time, bring a snack so you don’t have to leave the show floor to grab lunch and a bottle of water so you don’t get dehydrated under all those lights. You’ll be much more comfortable and have a much better experience!

LauraMcCabe2Following these tips will help you make the most of your day at any bead show. Also check out What’s a Bead Show Like? for some behind the scenes information to prepare yourself appropriately and ensure that you can focus on what’s important: beads!

Don’t forget to come by and see us at booth #1037, 1039 at the Bead and Button Show this weekend!


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  1. fatdogbeads says:

    you should add: leave the high heels and fancy shoes home. You will be walking A LOT. Dress for comfort!

    1. You’re right! Comfort is of the utmost importance.

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