Behind the Scenes at Bead and Button 2013

Bonita, Val and Walter at the Bead and Button Show

The annual Bead and Button Bead Show in Milwaukee, WI is one of the largest bead shows in the world. It’s a chance for artists, designers, bead enthusiasts and vendors from all over the world to come together, learn and buy beautiful and unique beads. This year was no different. Here is a run down of some of the best moments from the show.

Set up can be grueling but it was so much fun to see our good friend, fabulous bead designer and Swarovski Ambassador, Val Hirata, who helped us with the set up and provided so much sparkle with her beautiful flower designs. Read more about what inspires Val here.

Val in her element: surrounded by beads!
Bead and Button Show Eureka Crystal Beads Val Hirata
Some of Val’s pretty flower earring designs.
Almost finished!

Finally the show began with so much fanfare. There were long lines at first but once the doors opened, things went very smoothly.




Walter and Bonita were busy working but also made time to say hello to friends both new and old as well as check out the various galleries and exhibits, meet with bead artists and designers and have a wonderful time.

Walter with Swarovski Nick Regine (Crystal Professor) and Kim Parquette
Bonita hard at work.
Bonita with one of our dearest customers, Pamela.
With Swarovski Ambassador Diane Whiting
Bonita with Swarovski Ambassador Anna Draeger
Bonita with Suzanne, one of our best customers from the East Coast.
With the very talented Pat Reisner.
Walter of Eureka with Val Hirata and Stephanie Dixon

A few more shots from the show:




All good things must come to an end!

The take down

All in all, the show was a wonderful chance to see all our dear friends scattered all over the world and meet so many new people. There was so much beautiful jewelry on display from Bead and Button’s BeadDreams competition that you can see here. As well as a stunning beaded kimono in the Japanese Exhibit handmade by Takako Sako which you can read about here.

Bonita with Swarovski Ambassadors Naomi Yogo, Val Hirata and Debra Saucier.

We’ll see you all next year!

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  1. These are very very beautiful, Thank you for sharing.

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