Beautiful New Rivoli Settings

Swarovski Rivolis
Swarovski Rivolis

Some of Swarovski’s most popular items are the breath-takingly beautiful Swarovski Crystal Rivolis.


Rivolis are round, pointed, foil-backed crystals that come in a variety of colors as well as custom finishes and different sizes. We often find that people are mesmerized by the startling beauty of rivolis but because these crystals do not have holes, many people don’t know what to do with them or how to use them.

Lavendar Sunflower1
Beaded bezel around a rivoli

It is possible to beadweave around the rivoli in order to create a bezel such as with this lavender sunflower by Pat Reisner. But we’ve found a much easier solution: rivoli settings!

Wide selection of rivoli settings

These settings are perfect for the beginner as they require almost no skill to use but result in stunning finished jewelry. They are also great for the seasoned pro who wants an easy project to complete in just a few minutes between more involved ones.

Rivoli Pendants
Rivoli Pendants

These beautiful, detailed, lead-free, Israeli pewter rivoli settings are available as pendants, earrings and even rings! And come in copper, brass, antiqued silver and regular silver colors. See Rivoli settings, findings at .


Using these settings is really simple. You can check out this quick step by step video that shows you exactly how easy it is to create this beautiful set of earrings below.

Beautiful set of rivoli earrings.
Beautiful set of rivoli earrings.

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  1. Valerie says:

    These are gorgeous! Can’t wait to make a pair!

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