What are Rulla Beads?

Rulla Beads are a new shape of Czech glass seed beads.


Rulla beads are 5x3mm and barrel shaped. These beads also have two holes measuring approximately 0.7mm each.

Rulla Profile

Rulla beads are made by the same manufacturer as SuperDuo seed beads so they are available in matching colors.

These beads are very pretty and versatile and will give you so many design options once you start using them.


These beautiful earrings by Jane Cruz are an example of the versatility of Rulla beads. For her free instructions take a look here.

Here at Eureka, we strive to carry the most unique and beautiful colors and finishes of Rulla beads such as opaque colors, Picasso and metallic finishes. Stay tuned while we expand our selection in the coming weeks.

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