5 New Color Ideas for Fall Designs

fall colors fashion

As summer begins to wane, we’ve started looking forward to the next season for some inspiration for our upcoming projects. Fall is a great time to try something new, mix materials such as leather cord with rhinestone chain or metal chain with pressed glass leaves.


It’s also a time when color palettes go from bright summer colors to the more subdued and earthy tones of autumn. Inspired by beautiful scenes of nature from fall seasons past, we’ve come up with 5 new color palettes for all your fall designs!


Leaves of Yellow


Yellow leaves with a hint of umber and a touch of red on a bright day inspire a color palette of strong, bright golds and clay colored browns.

yellow colors

Fancy Gourds


Taking inspiration from the colors of gourds that come into season in the autumn, this palette is strong on natural toned down oranges and olive greens with subdued gray neutrals.

pumpkins colors

A Touch of Violet


Adding a touch of warm violet to the mix, this palette goes beyond the traditional brownish reds, yellows and oranges of fall colors with some beautiful new options this fall.

itea colors

October Sky


Inspired by this magical autumn night sky, this blue heavy palette includes just enough touches of red-brown and a few neutrals to give it the feel of a true crisp fall night.

night colors

Pine Cones and Leaves

Autumn Leaves, Berries and Pinecones

A classic combination of bright reds and oranges with deep browns and some green, this palette is the most “fall like” and will put every design squarely in the autumn category if used.

pinecones colors

I, for one, am looking forward to the beautiful colors of fall and can’t wait to start planning my next projects inspired by my favorite season.

fall bracelets

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  1. Vanessa says:

    I really like these color palettes. Great inspiration. Thanks!

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