Stylish Embellished Collar How To


We’ve been seeing the embellished collar trend all over the place and thought we’d take a crack at it ourselves.


Here’s a simple DIY way to easily create an embellished detached collar that will add flair to any outfit.

What you need:

Assorted beads – flat ones work best. I was able to use Czech drops, round Swarovski Pearls as well as flat squares, leaf beads, flower petals and firepolished rounds.

Jewel bond craft glue

A man’s collared shirt




How to do it:

First, choose a man’s shirt with a collar you like in a good color. Cut the collar off and discard the rest of the shirt.

If it’s wrinkly, it helps to iron the collar so it’s even, then clip it to your clipboard.


Next you pick out your beads. I chose to go with a brownish-coppery color scheme since autumn is coming up. Picking beads of various shapes, finishes and sizes will give your collar some interest.


I spent some time arranging and rearranging my beads until I was happy with the look on one side of the collar. If you are going for a more freewheeling design, you don’t have to worry about matching each side, but my design required me to duplicate it.


So, before you start gluing, arrange the beads on the other side of the collar in exactly the same way as the first part. Make any minor adjustments you need to.

Next, I removed all the beads from the side I was going to begin gluing and used the remaining side as my guide to glue them all back where I wanted them.

The Jewel Bond will dry clear but it’s still better not to make a huge mess with it because it does dry kind of shiny. Squirt some glue onto a piece of paper and use the toothpick to apply glue directly to each bead as you glue them down. Rounder beads will need more glue so that they can sit on top of, sort of nestled within it.


Once you have glued down one side, do the same on the other, carefully making sure to place each bead in the correct spot.


Let the glue dry over night before wearing and enjoy!


Open or closed, the detachable embellished collar really dresses up a plain dress.


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