New Swarovski Chatons

Check out our latest arrivals: new Swarovski Chatons! These gorgeous sparkling stones are available in a variety of the most popular colors and finishes.

Crystal Luminous Green
Crystal Luminous Green

They are foil backed and have a back that comes together to form a point just like a traditional diamond cut with a crown and cutlet.

Light Siam

The brilliance and quality of Swarovski crystal shines through their precision-cut facets that capture the light and reflect it dazzlingly.

Crystal Silver Night

Use these shimmery stones as a smaller alternative to Swarovski rivolis or when you want to do a graduated look, the smaller chatons give you more size options!

This necklace below, by Megan Green McBrearty, is a perfect example of how to incorporate smaller chatons with larger rivolis and fancy stones to stunning effect.

Eureka Crystal Beads Chatons Princess Necklace Megan McBrearty

Swarovski chatons are another unique way that you can add sparkle and brilliance to your designs. Let your imagination take you away!

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