New Swarovski Innovations Fall/Winter 2014/2015

Crystal Lilac Shadow

Swarovski has just released a sneak peak at their latest innovations for Fall/Winter 2014/2015. In addition to the announcement of exciting new color blends like Crystal/Montana and Provence Lavender/Chrysolite, Swarovski is also debuting a new effect, Crystal Lilac Shadow, a new crystal color, Dark Moss Green and a new pearl color, Crystal Blackberry Pearl.

Blackberry Pearl

Crystal Blackberry Pearl

Swarovski’s dream for 2014/2015 is luxurious, lustrous and of lasting value. The Create Your Style website explains that Swarovski is “looking ahead to how designers will be embellishing jewelry, accessories, garments, and more besides a year from now…” and adds that “a gleaming treasure trove of crystals awaits us. The cache includes new cuts, shapes, and colors of magical beauty, mesmerizing complexity, and heart-stopping opulence.”


Crystal Lilac Shadow

Rich and vibrant berry tones are the major fashion trend for the season, echoed in two opulent effects, both newcomers to the palette: Crystal Blackberry Pearl, a mysterious, deep shade of shimmering purple, complemented by the subtle golden coating of richly romantic Crystal Lilac Shadow. Added to this is the splendid Dark Moss Green color, which picks up on the current climate of eco-awareness while combining nature with a level of luxury inspired by genuine gemstones.

Dark Moss Green

Dark Moss Green

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  1. Tara says:

    So excited for these new colors! Lilac shadow looks beautiful!

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