Best Halloween DIY Jewelry Projects and Ideas


Halloween is one of the best times of year for crafting. You can let your creative side out and make fun, funky and outrageous jewelry that you wouldn’t be able to wear any other time of the year.


Use Siam Ruby Dagger beads as dripping blood in a spooky necklace or earrings.


Orange and black Charlotte seed beads are a perfect duo for any beadweaving Halloween project.


Get inspired by our vast collection of amazing DIY beading supplies to make your own jewelry, decorations and costume accessories.


To get your creativity started, we’ve collected several of our favorite spooktacular Halloween jewelry tutorials below: Enjoy!

Wire and Bead Spider Earrings


From, these cool earrings are perfect for the Halloween season.


Use Czech Firepolish Rounds for the heads and bodies or, for that added sparkle, choose Swarovski Crystal Rounds instead. Charlotte Seed Beads in black and silver will work well for the legs so that you can get your sparkly, spooky Halloween jewelry ready just in time for the 31st!

Black Swan Necklace


This dramatic necklace of black pearls and crystal beads is a beautiful gothic design that is a perfect compliment for any vampire or ghoul’s fair skin. As a bonus, use any other colors in this design to make crystal necklaces for any occasion!

Crystal Web Collar Necklace

CrystalWebCollar Necklace-1

This intriguing web of metal and crystal floats around your entire neck in a web of glamor and intrigue. Whether the basis for a Spider Queen costume or a striking seasonal necklace, it’s made from affordable materials that are brought to life with the beauty of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and beading wire.


Use 7x4mm Swarovski briolettes, 3 and 5mm Swarovski rounds, silver jump rings, silver crimp tubes, beading wire, jewelry glue and more! Check out the full project directions here. Make the necklace your own by substituting different beads and chain into the design. Try using deep reds for a more ghoulish, bloody effect or creepy greens and grays for a zombie feel.

Happy Halloween!


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