Exotic Tribal Gypsy Style Beading Inspiration


Australian fashion designer Camilla Franks behind Camilla brand presents her new Winter 2013-2014 collection’s lookbook entitled ‘Tales from a reading room’. Get inspired by her vision of exotic romance with gem like jewels, extensive beading in vibrant colors and sumptuous textures.


This collection encapsulates the mystery and drama of exotic travels in romantic far away places and borrows heavily from a variety of cultural motifs including the new tribalism jewelry trends, melding them seamlessly with classic jewels and pearls.


It’s a vibrant catalog of ornate ready to wear jewellery, homewares, loungewear, capes, short and long sleeve tops, gypsy dresses, long and short kaftans, embroidered gloves, printed jumpsuits, trousers, tops, cushions, embroidered blazers in bold colors, knitwear, accessories like scarves, belts and shoes.


Get inspired by the exotic story book romance of this collection!



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  1. Denise says:

    Oh so cool!

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