Boelyn Bracelets

Perfect project for Czech Firepolish Beads and Seed beads of various kinds!

HippieFreak Beads!

boelyn 22

I came across a download for the Boelyn Bracelet, a project by Mandy Duffy from Bead and Button magazine. For some reason the “link” feature is not working for me today on WordPress, so I will say if you google “Boelyn Bracelet”, the second thing that comes up is the PDF download for this project.

boelyn 21

The bracelet came out so nice, and is so sturdy feeling, that I am going nuts making these! I have 6 made so far, which has wiped out my stash of fire polished 6mm rounds. As soon as I get some more….back to the Boelyn bracelets! I saw some of these on Etsy for forty bucks!

boelyn 20

Anyway it is not a difficult project – the most tedious part is the final embellishment, but even that is easy! This project uses about 22 6mm round beads, about double that of 4mm rounds, 20 or so fire…

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