What is Czech Firepolish?

Firepolish beads from the Czech Republic are some of the most beautiful and versatile beading elements available. Also known as Czech Crystal or Bohemian Crystal beads, Firepolish beads have been a cottage industry in the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic for centuries.

bohemainbeads eureka crystal beads

Due to the unique mixture of elements in the local sand, this area became world renowned for the beauty and clarity of their glass work, leading to the term Bohemian Crystal. Over centuries, glass artists in this region have developed many techniques for creating the most beautiful glass beads.

czech glass bead samples beading crystal bohemian eureka

In addition to the innovations like Two Hole Beads, special finishes and coatings as well as beautiful color combinations, Czech bead makers invented the firepolish technique.

Turquoise Luster czech glass firepolish beads eureka crystal

Firepolish is a term used for beads that are faceted and highly polished. Round pressed glass beads are faceted roughly on grinding wheels, then these beads are hung in high temperature ovens which soften the glass, liquifying the surface just enough so that it becomes incredibly shiny.

Peridot Twilight czech glass firepolish beads eureka crystal

These gorgeous beads are some of the highest quality in the world and have been famous throughout history. They are still today considered an essential element for any serious jewelry maker or beader to have in their tool kit because of their versatility, affordability and beauty.

czech glass fire polish beads beading diy tutorial bracelet

Just look at these beautiful beads and try not to drool!

radiant orchid beads glass moondust

beads czech glass fire polish mix wholesale discount eureka crystal beads

red czech firepolish glass beads

24 karat gold beads beading glass czech

beads beading czech glass Matte Apollo Turquoise

radiant orchid beads glass czech crystal eureka wholesale discount beading jewelry supplies

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