Ethnic Beading Summer Jewelry Trend

beading tribal bohemian african trend

We’re seeing more and more of this ethnic beading trend that’s sweeping runways and fashion blogs.

summer ethnics trend beading jewelryMixing and matching metal elements with a variety of opaque beads in layers is how to get this trendy new look.


Find unusual places to adorn with beaded jewelry such as fringed headpieces, feet and around the waist. Read more about foot jewelry here. Find our Beaded Barefoot Sandal Tutorial here.

ethinic beading trends

One element of this trend is Middle Eastern tribal inspired imagery such as this Moroccan Fantasy editorial or this Exotic Gypsy spread.

beading bohemian ethnic fashion DIY jewelry

Another has been African inspired motifs using bright, saturated colors like in traditional Maasai beading.

kenyan ethnic tribal maasai beading trends

Use seed beads like Japanese Toho seed beads or Czech Charlotte Cut seed beads to make bracelets and necklaces. Another thing that these small beads are perfect for is making fringe which is still going strong as a trend.

ethnic beading trend

Use larger beads such as Czech glass doughnuts or Firepolish beads to make chunkier styles of necklace.

picasso beads czech glass tribal ethnic summer trend diy wholesale

The perfect beads to create your own ethnic tribal beaded jewelry have a mix of bright colors and a picasso effect that gives them a natural looking finish such as these Gemstone Doughnuts above and below.

ethnic tribal beading trend jewelry style diy beads wholesale czech glass

Go with primary colors or choose a color palette such as cool blue green to make beautiful, on trend jewelry.

ethnic beading trend diy jewelry ideas fashion tribal exoitic jewellry

To get a unique effect, use unusual bead shapes such as Slapjacks, NuggetsCarved Ovals or these Pear Shaped Drops below.

picasso bead czech glass wholesale eureka crystal beads

The limit is your imagination!

beading tribal style chunky statement necklace bohemian

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