New Two Hole Triangle Beads

Triangle two hole beads czech mates beading glass new trend

Introducing a brand new member of the Czech Mates Two Hole Bead family: Two Hole Triangles! These beads are flat triangle shaped pressed glass beads with two holes drilled through the base. They are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes and will add an interesting edgy geometric quality to your beadwork.

Triangle two hole beads czech mates beading glass new trend

Patterns using these beautiful Two Hole Triangles have recently been featured in Beadwork Magazine such as this beautiful Breezeway Bangle by Nicole Starman below:


Or this Try the Triangle bracelet by Svetlana Einy, featured in this month’s issue of Beadwork Magazine:

trianlge svetlana einy

The Two Hole Triangles are the latest addition to the Czech Mates family of two hole beads that includes Rullas, SuperDuos, Two Hole Tiles, Two Hole Bricks, Two Hole Daggers, Two Hole Bars and Two Hole Lentils.

triangle two hole beads

These beads are designed so that you can be sure that they can be used together and you don’t have to worry about your designs twisting or bunching. All the Czech Mates are perfectly compatible and in many instances even interchangeable!

Triangle two hole beads czech mates beading glass new trend

Now for a limited time only, our Two Hole Triangles are 20% off! Take advantage of this fantastic offer to satisfy your curiosity and play around with these fantastic little beads!

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  1. janice weinzetl says:

    You say patterns can be found in beadwork magazine but you don’t say what month. Would love to know which month you are talking about THANKS

    1. Hi Janice. You do have a good point. We’ll try to be more specific in the future. Thanks a lot.

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