Wearable Art: Seed Bead Jewelry Gallery


There are some magnificent things that can be done with seed beads and we’ve collected some of our favorite images right here so feast your eyes and get inspired!


Owl Totem by bead artist Cece Cormier is an expressive and exuberant mix of colors that brings this beautiful necklace to life.

sharayah's studio

These two beautiful necklaces by the very talented Sharayah Sheldon are works of awe-inspiring beauty.

sharayas studio2

Her use of color and various types of beads such as Czech glass daggers brings her work to life.


This magnificent embroidered cuff by Siri Johansson is another fantastic example of beautiful artistic seed bead work.

dixie gabric

The deeply detailed beadwork of artist Dixie Gabric is also one of our favorites. Works of such elaborate beauty are sometimes hard to fathom.

caroline fung

Jewelry artist Caroline Fung from Australia works  in a more whimsical style that feels very story-book like.


Russian beadwork artist Elena Hmelevskaya, has a very varied style but her work is always gorgeous and elegant like this fabulous necklace above. 

Natalia Bessonova

Another very talented Russian artist, Natalia Bessonova, is fond of animal designs such as the eagles above and unique horse necklace below.

Natalia Bessonova2

There are so many beautiful artistic jewelry pieces out there that are so inspirational. Try your hand with our Japanese seed beads or Czech seed beads.

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  1. Sonja says:

    Wow! How beautiful! Great blog!

    1. Thank you so much Sonja!

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