Gorgeous Soutache Inspiration from Kleo Soutache


These stunning soutache jewelry designs by Polish jewelry artist Iwona Capanda under the name of Kleo Soutache have the power to take you out of the ordinary world into the fabulous and fantastical. Take a look at her beautiful designs and be inspired!


Iwona writes that designing and creating jewelry is her passion and that she approaches each project individually attempting to give each design its own personality.

bransoletka turkus szafir niebieski kleo soutache komplet biżuteria wyjątkowa piękna bogato zdobiona

She loves the challenge of combining contrasting colors in designs that create a beautiful harmony.

haft sutasz

Iwona says that working with soutache gives her unlimited possibilities when it comes to choosing colors, beads, crystals and other materials. She says that this is the reason that every new creation is unique and one of a kind.

kleo soutache kolczyki sutasz

She uses Pega or Chinczyk brand soutache, monofilament thread and John James 3/9 needles.

kleo soutache earrings galapagos

Iwona wants to share her designs to inspire others to take up the beautiful art of soutache and respectfully asks that her designs not be copied for personal gain.

sutasz delikatne kolczyki długie fiolet, niebieski

To find out more about Iwona, her artwork and jewelry, check out her website here.

soutache jewellery kleo necklace set

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  1. Jana says:

    Striking! I love it.

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