Hottest Colors for Summer 2014

color slide-1-638

Spring and summer are the seasons when you pack away your dark neutrals and winter blacks to feel fresh in bright new colors. Here at Eureka, we’ve scoured fashion trends to give you some of our favorite summer color palettes that are big this season. Take a look and try them out for your next big jewelry project.


color paradise

Just as the warmth of summer is charging us with positive emotion, the colors in this palette are infused with sun and citrus energy. Lemon yellow, lime green, bright tangerine, combined with vibrant magenta, exotic violet, and rich persimmon, create a palette with delightful tropical feel.

color-combinations paradise

astral pink  fucshia citrineferngreenblend  fireopalsatin purple velevet


color rainforest

Nature’s rhythmic vibrations, soothing and hypnotizing, come to life through rainforest’s vivid colors. Charming floral prints, images of exotic animals, fluidity of light and texture, cool and warm tones in enchanting harmonies, take our imagination on an adventure. The abundance of luscious greens gives depth and richness to the palette, while bright corals and fuchsias make the color scheme more jubilant and festive. The bright turquoise enhances the vibrancy of the greens and the earthy brown binds the colors together giving the palette a more organic feel.

color-combinations-rainforestindicolitebrandy light emerald green sphynx hyacinth satin

Soda Shop

color Soda-shop

Inspired by the sweet nostalgic memory of 1950s soda shops and ice cream parlors, this color palette has a soft retro mood and a youthful scoop of playfulness.

color-combinations1 soda shop

lavender light rose brandy mint alabaster ablime ab pacific opal provance lavender


color Spiral-web-image

One of the first designs adopted from nature, spirals are a reflection of our desire to create and evolve. Perfect balance in a seashell! The soft palette of blues and green with a prominent neutral feel evokes a sense of elegance and serenity.  color-combinations-spiral

denim blue silk smoky quartz

Read more about color and find more useful color palettes for designing here!

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