Czech Glass Daggers will dress up your jewelry like no other shape.

Czech Dagger Beads are one of the most popular shapes. They come in three sizes and many colors and finishes. The most recent addition to the dagger family is a 6×3 mm Mini Dagger. Mini Daggers are classified as seed beads and are sold at Eureka Crystal Beads in 9 gram tubes. Daggers are made in a shape of a spear, they are flat and taper to a soft point at the end, they have a hole at the narrow tip which runs sideways. Two Hole Daggers have two parallel holes. Jewelry made with daggers surprises us with flair and drama.


Large Daggers


Mini Daggers

da10x3crys-maab blackbg

Small Daggers

See them all at Eureka Crystal Beads


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