Find out how to color Fireline, how to easily get it in a needle and more…..

Fireline – You’ve heard about it – I think it is one of the best beading threads out there.  When I first started beading about fourteen or fifteen years ago, I used whatever thread was handy. I was constantly splitting my thread and getting knots, even with waxing.  I would finish a piece of jewelry and it would be nice and snug. After being handled by customers and students the beaded piece would loosen up a little and then I would see thread. (I hated seeing the thread). Maybe I was doing something wrong. The piece would then be taken apart and either made again or made into something else. Then I found Fireline. It has been my go to thread ever since.  Starting with the 4lb, but quickly switched to 6lb, then 8lb and found my friend.  The diameter is either .009 or .18. I don’t usually pay too much attention to the diameter, as long as I can get it in my needle. One trick is to run the thread through your thumb nail and index finger a couple of times. Still feel a bump on the end, put the thread on a harder surface using the fingernail again and pull about 4 inches through that usually flattens it.  After all Fireline is round and the needle hole isn’t.  Pulling only about 3 to 4 inches through because every time you kink or bend the Fireline it weakens the thread.  When pulling the Fireline through sharp edged seed beads (delicas or hex) and crystals, make sure not to drag the thread over the edges as this will also cause wear. Now Fireline comes in Smoke and Crystal, but a tip from a very talented bead embroiderer told me that if you use a SHARPIE marker you can color the crystal Fireline any color that the Sharpie is.  She was right. You just have to make sure that it is completely dry before you start using it. With the smoke the color will come off on your fingers as you are beading, for this, run the thread through a napkin or paper towel a couple of times before starting. It helps minimize dirty fingers. I mean no disrespect to beaders who use other threads. We all have are favorites. Fireline is mine. Michelle King/EurekaCrystalBeads



Fireline is only available in two colors, but we found a way to make it any color you want. Read the article to learn how.



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  1. Jewelie Dee says:

    I’ve been using this trick for some time. If you put too much sharpie on the thread, it will change its texture but if you wait till it dries thoroughly and then use some beeswax on it, it’s perfect.

    1. You are absolutely right. Thanks for sharing this with us and all our readers.

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