SuperDuos are loved for their versatility. See what we made with two hole beads.

One of the most popular CZECHMATES are Superduos. Superduos have been around for only about a year and let’s face it – we all love them and sometimes wonder how beading was possible without them. They are two-hole glass beads made in the Czech Republic. The Superduos are very consistent in size (5×2.5mm) and shape (oval, with a little bump between the holes), which means less waste when culling (separating the good beads from not so good beads). Superduos come in many colors and finishes and you will find most of them at Eureka Crystal Beads website. They are sold in 10 gram tubes. These are very versatile beads and sit together nicely. In the culling process you need to look for blocked holes. Either, a small blockage, meaning you can see through but there is something in the way. Or a lot, can’t see through at all and sometimes can’t even tell if  there is a hole.  When I buy new tubes, they are dumped and checked. If, by carefully inserting a needle tool or a bead reamer I can unblock the hole I toss them back in the tube, the broken ones I toss away. Yeah, I work at it until it is unblocked or broken (every bead deserves a chance). Thankfully, I usually only have one or two in a tube that are unusable. You can make cool stuff with Superduos. Take a look at some of the bracelets below and be on a lookout for free projects, coming soon …..Michelle-Eureka Crystal Beads


These charming and comfortable bangle style bracelets are made exclusively with SuperDuos, czech Glass Two Hole Beads. They are finished with secure but at the same time easy to close and open magnetic clasps available at Eureka Crystal Beads.



Above are examples of our new designs made with Czech Firepolish beads, two hole lentils and two hole triangles. One of the designs will soon be available  from Eureka Crystal Beads in a kit (see currently available kits), for the other one we will soon post a free tutorial online.

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  1. Terry says:

    Hello, Thanks for getting back to me, I am interested in making the blue charming and comfortable bangle style bracelet using the superduo beads and the magnetic clasp. I was looking for the instructions for that bracelet and also could tell me what color blue is used. I saw these bracelets on your site one is blue and the other is gold and a cream color superduo beads and are they two different stitches

    1. Hi Terry, these bracelets will be featured on our blog at the beginning of December. If you register, or sign up for a newsletter on our website you will be notified about it. Thanks, Eureka Team.

      1. Terry says:

        OK Thank You

  2. Terry says:

    I would love to make the superduo bracelet. I would like to order some of these beads but I need to know how to make the bracelet, would it be possible to get the instructions.

    1. Hi Terry, you need to know Right Angle. Besides that everything else is explained in a free tutorial in the post. Good luck!

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