super duo czech glass bracelet

Snake Skin SuperDuo Bracelet

Snake-Skin1  Fun to wear & comfortable.Snake Skin Bracelet made of 2.5 mm Swarovski Bicones and SuperDuos CzechMates

This marvelous CzechMate SuperDuo and Swarovski Bicone bracelet is simple but elegant. This bracelet has an appealing snake skin like pattern, is very comfortable and fun to wear! You will be able to make it quickly and inexpensively.


What you need:

2 packs – 5328 2.5mm Bicone

16 grams – Czech SuperDuos color A

8 grams  – Czech SuperDuo color B

1 piece – two strand clasp

Toho seed beads to attach clasp (just few) Beading Needles #10 or 12

Fireline 6 or 8 pound weight


On a comfortable length of Fireline, with a needle on each end, string one color A superduo on both needles, then on each needle string on three seed beads, go up into the rings of the clasp. Pull tight making sure you center your beads in the middle of the thread. Add three more seed beads and go back into the superduo, again making sure to pull tight. Re-enforce the clasp by following the thread path at least one more time. Two if you can. Then with both needles exit out bottom of the superduo away from the clasp.



After exiting the color A superduo, add one color B superduo on each needle, then add one color A superduo on both needles, continue adding one color A and two color B’s until desired length is reached. Make sure to end with color B’s.



After reaching desired length, attach clasp to other end by repeating step one. After reenforcing the clasp, continue down both thread paths until you reach the last two color B’s. Making sure to do the same to both sides.



Exit out the top of the last two color B’s and go into the second holes heading back down the bracelet. Pick up a color B and go into the next superduo. Continue for the length of the bracelet. Do both sides



After adding the second row of color B’s to both sides work in a circle following existing thread paths to get your needles coming out of the first hole of the second row of color B’s.



Go down into the second hole of the superduo and pick up a crystal and go into the next hole of the next superduo, continue for the length of the bracelet. Then you can either tie half hitch knots or just weave you tails in making sure to go in a cou-ple of complete circles. Trim excess thread and enjoy.



11 thoughts on “Snake Skin SuperDuo Bracelet

  1. Carol Clarke says:

    Hi Amber
    I have purchased my beads but cannot download this snake skin pattern is it possible for you to e-mail it to me
    Carol x

    • eurekacrystalbeads says:

      Hi Carol, sorry you having an issue with obtaining this free pattern. It is not a download, so just print the pages you see on your screen. Also if you have a second check our free projects (downloads) on our website. You will find them in Beading Resource.

  2. Carol says:

    I used Fireline, and it broke, spilling beads all over. Can I use beading wire instead when I remake it? what size wire is comparable?

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