Swarovski Crystal Rivolis and Chatons – how are they different…..


Swarovski Rivolis and Swarovski Chatons are known for their beauty and gem-like properties. Rivolis and Chatons are both machine cut and machine polished, a process which is similar to cutting and polishing diamonds. Both don’t have holes and are perfect for beaded embellishments. The difference between both styles is substantial. Rivoli is basically a symmetrical shallow bicone with both bottom and top sides shaped the same and with triangular facets running to the pointy top of a stone. Chatons on the other hand have a dominant flat facet as a face, are deeper in the back and have symmetrical cuts on the side and the back. Both styles have the mirror-like foil applied to the bottom to reflect more light. We carry Rivolis in 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 mm and Chatons in 8 mm.

It is hard to tell which colors and coatings in Rivolis and Chatons are the most spectacular ones. In most cases it is a matter of preference. There is no doubt however that they are addictive. When you start playing with them you may never have enough.

Take a look at some of our unusual Rivoli colors:

1122-14-Cry-Ultra-Citr Peacock_Eye Crystal Ultra Citrine AB & Crystal Peacock EYEHelio 1122-14-Cry-Silver-Pat Crystal Helio & Crystal Silver Patina

1122-14-Cry-Ultra-Green 1122-14-Cry-PurplHaze    Crystal Ultra Green AB & Crystal Purple Haze

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