Four-Hole Czech Glass QuadraTile and CzechMates Two Hole Bar

QuadraTiles are the newest Czech Glass beads and the latest addition to the CzechMates family. These beads have four holes, so at least from a number of holes perspective they are CzechMates on steroids. Just joking! All other CzechMates so far, including a just released 6×2 mm Bar, have two holes. CzechMates QuadraTiles are 6×6 mm flat tiles similar in shape and size to Two Hole Tiles. QuadraTiles have four large holes drilled from the top to the bottom in all four corners of a tile. We already have them in stock. We also offer free patterns (with purchase) for those of you who would like to follow step-by-step instructions written by TrendSetters Diane Fitzgerald, Nichole Starman, Svetlana Einy and others. Please check our website for more info. (

Quadratile 2HoleBarSmall

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