Eureka Crystal Beads presents Adele Kimpell’s patterns…

Adele Kimpell’s patterns are very popular among beaders of all skill levels. They are well written and nicely illustrated. Most of our patterns are simple to intermediate. They may be simple to put together but the pieces you are going to make will look very sophisticated and we guarantee you’ll get a lot of compliments on them. Patterns sell for $12 each and kits, depending on how many and how expensive beads they take, $20 and up. Some of the most popular patterns are: Peanut Gator, also available as a kit in three colors shown below:Instructions                                                    This bracelet (7 inch) takes only two strands of Farfalle beads at $1.99 each and Toho seed beads for the base. It is finished with an inexpensive but reliable  multi-strand Tube Bar Clasp.

Another interesting bracelet is called Lentille and is made of CzechMate Two Hole Lentils, size 11 Toho and 3mm Swarovski Bicones. We carry this one also as a kit in two colors – blue and copper. Lentille-Bracelet-KitThe Lentille bracelet is worked in the designer’s adaptation of Ndebele Herringbone stitch for the Two Hole Lentils. This bracelet has a supple drape and a natural curve worked into it with two-drop herringbone columns on the back side and quasi two-drop herringbone columns on the front. This project works up quickly because of its four-bead per stitch technique. If you are new to the Herringbone stitch, this project will have you hooked in no time. If you already work with the Herringbone stitch you will revel in the possibilities that exist in the design..


To see other patterns click here.

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