QuadraLentile and QuadraTile are taking beading industry by storm.

We have been recently flooded by a large number of new glass beads. It seems almost like a race. Every week a new bead is introduced and every week more of us beaders fall behind in learning about new developments. Even hard core beaders cannot remember names of new beads, never mind their shapes and sizes. And then we see something awesome made of them and we wonder how some of us balance sleep and beading. There is only 24 hours in a day. Well, we see a lot of examples that it can be done. After all if you are a beader you have to start playing with new beads like QuadraLentils, or QuadraTiles as soon as they arrive in your mailbox. QuadraLentiles and QuadraTiles are the newest addition to the CzechMates family. What distinguishes them from other CzechMates is a number of holes. Both beads have four of them drilled from the top to the bottom of a bead. The extra holes can be used for a variety of tasks. Holes are big enough to allow multiple passes of  beading thread so beads can be arranged in a truly amazing multi-dimensional designs.



At EurekaCrystalBeads.com  we carry a large variety of Czech Glass Beads including QuadraTiles and QuadraLentils. We sell them in 20 gram packs at a very competitive price and periodically we offer specials and sales. This weekend we run a special which you should not pass on – 20% off on all Quadra CzechMates without a minimum order and as always shipping is free (+$35). So please be our guest. Purchase them now and save!


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