Why it makes sense to keep a stash of Crystal Chatons in your house………….

Crystal Chatons are faceted crystal stones known for their beauty and gem-like properties. Chatons are machine cut and machine polished, a process which is similar to cutting and polishing gems and diamonds. Chatons have a dominant top facet letting you see deep into a stone. They don’t have holes and therefore those in larger sizes are perfect for beaded bezels as seen in a freestyle necklace below, where they nicely complement larger Rivolis.


chaton1 chaton2

Two major and de facto only manufacturers of high quality Crystal Chatons are Swarovski based in Austria and Preciosa based in the Czech Republic. Both Chatons are of exceptional quality, have outstanding light refraction and unparalleled brilliance. The main difference between both brands is in the way they are cut.  Preciosa Chaton has a traditional cut with larger but fewer facets in the front and in the back of a stone. Swarovski Chaton has a Xilion cut which increases the number of reflective surfaces on a stone with alternating small and large facets. Xilion cut is similar to a princess cut in giving a stone enhanced luminous properties.


Chatons are wonderful stones to work with. You may bezel them first individually and sew them later into larger compositions or just hang them on a fishhook for earrings or on necklaces as drops. Design possibilities are never-ending.

chaton3 chaton4

Check our large selection of Swarovski Chatons http://www.eurekacrystalbeads.com/1088-chatons/

Check our large selection of Preciosa Chatons                                                                  http://www.eurekacrystalbeads.com/preciosa-8mm-crystal-chatons/

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  1. Sidonia says:

    Lovely bracelet! 🙂

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