Beading for the 4th! Happy 4th of July!


As the start of summer gets under way, we are going to be celebrating the biggest holiday of the season.  The 4th of July!  I don’t know about you but I love the 4th.  It brings back fond memories from childhood like going to picnics, fireworks, the beach, the pool and camping. And who can forget all of the delicious food that went with it too.


Now, I loved all of that, but the one thing that I love to do on the 4th now, that I didn’t mention, is beading.  I tend to like designing new projects on days that I have the whole day to bead.  And, the 4th won’t be any different.  I just received some new beads from Eureka Crystal Beads that I want to play with.  They are the new 6mm Kheops Puca Beads in Aquamarine pearl color and Amber pearl color.

kheops aquamarinekheops amber022398_14415ab_2_firepolish__16373.1435154582.125.125Z71010_firepolish_2m2__81324.1433170309.125.125

They are a two-hole Czech bead that is a triangle shape with holes running parallel with each other.  These are really, really cute! So, I am probably going to do some kind of an earring combining them with the new 2mm round firepolish bead colors and the new 3mm Magatama beads. But, to top it off, I might throw in an 8mm Swarovski Chaton for some sparkle.  I believe that everyone should have some sparkle in their life. Bling me up, please!!!

3mm magatama bead white navajo opaque luster8mm chaton blush rose

Now, I know everyone has different techniques that they like to use to make jewelry.  I have to confess, I am a very big seed beader. So, naturally I will be designing some seed bead projects for all of you. But, for all of you non- seed beaders out there, no worries, I will also offer projects that you can do too.

Lastly, enjoy the 4th and everything it entails for you.  But, don’t forget to tune in to next week’s post to see what I have made with my new goodies from Eureka Crystal Beads.  It may turn into a project post which means a free pattern for you!  Until next time, bead your heart out!

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