Tip: No Bead Hopping in My Circle!

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great fourth of July. I have to admit mine wasn’t exactly as I was hoping.  My mom has had some health issues and had two surgeries this week on Monday and Tuesday. One was expected but the first one was not.  Mom is now at home(Thank Goodness!) resting and everything went well. So, needless to say, I didn’t get my project for all of you quite finished yet.  But, I couldn’t leave you hanging. So, I have a tip for you that you will be able to use in the project for next week.

If you have ever made a circle with beads, you will find that the beads like to hop the threads and ruin your circle when you pull the thread tight.  So, I have a cool trick that will help to eliminate this issue.

make a knot 1Pick up your beads and push them down to about 12″ from the bottom of your thread.

make a knot 2

Tie one overhand knot about 2″ from your beads.

make a knot 3make a knot 4

Next, Tie another overhand knot on top of the first one.  Pull it tight right at the 2″ mark.

make a knot 5

Now pull it tight down to the beads. No jumping!!!

make a knot 6

Next, weave through two beads to hide the knot you just made.

make a knot 7

This is the finished product!

I hope this tip will help all of you when you make a circle.  It is one of my most famous tips when I teach.  If you want to use the products that you see in the pictures just go to the Eureka Crystal Beads Website.  You can find the Fireline, needles, and seed beads there. They always have a great selection for your beading needs.  Please come back next week for the project that I am making with the new Kheops beads.  You won’t be disappointed. Until next time, bead your heart out!

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