Silky Beads, Melon Beads and Time Saving Beading Projects

Hi everyone! I hope  you all have checked out my free project from last week.  It currently has no name and Eureka Crystal Beads is asking for your help in naming the bracelet.  If you come up with a name please email it to us at support@eurekacrystalbeads. We will post it on our website and the blog with the name of the bracelet and the person who came up with it.  So, pleeeeaaase help us out.  We can use it! …and thanks to all of you who have already submitted the names. See new colors in Kheops Puca – just arrived! Dont forget to check out our new Inspirational Gallery of Puca Designs.

Full bracelet

On another note, it has been crazy hot this past week in the Philadelphia area.  Summer is definitely upon us.  Usually, when it gets hot like this I go in our in ground pool.  But, I don’t just swim in the pool, I bead in it too.  I place everything on the side of the pool in the shallow end.  It’s nice because I can do two things that I love at the same time plus stay cool.  I love multitasking.  It is nice being able to get some things done at the same time to save time.  We all want to save time.  Especially while we are beading.  There are a couple of ways to save time and produce a finished piece quickly.  Two of my favorites are memory wire and stretchy cord.

chainfringe saintlaurent02 DIY bracelet Eureka

Stretchy cord is great because you can use it with the new two hole beads.  I know they would work great with the new Silky beads at Eureka.  There are many different colors and finishes to cover all tastes.    And, the bead holes are large enough to allow for multiple passes of beading thread. These beads are made in the Czech Republic from pressed glass which gives them a very uniform size and shape. The corners are softly rounded on the beads so that they will not cut into your skin or thread. And, these beads have a 6mm diameter with two parallel holes each measuring 1mm in diameter.  You can run 2 cords through one bead which gives you more design ideas.  Just make sure you finish with knots and be sure to glue the knots.  A bracelet like this would take maybe 15 minutes and it will look great.


Now, lets see if we can beat the 15 minutes that the stretchy cord takes by using the memory wire.  The memory wire is great because you can use almost any beads to design with it and it is a no fuss design.  You can make a single strand bracelet or multiple strands.  If you do a single strand you definitely can beat the 15 minute mark that the stretchy cord would take.  It is up to you how to design with it.  I am actually thinking of making one with some of the new melon beads from Eureka Crystal Beads. I will share it with you when I make it.  For the time being,  you can watch Eureka’s video on memory wire Melon Beads project.   Just remember that memory wire needs to be cut with memory wire cutters and not your regular beading cutters.  It will ruin them because memory wire is very hard.  And, remember to make a loop on each end with a round nose pliers to hold the beads on.

Next week, look for a new tip or trick for the blog post.  But, don’t forget to please send in a name for the Kheops Par Puca bracelet.  It will be very appreciated.  Especially, since I am horrible at naming my pieces.  Pleeaase Help! And last but not least check out the newest beads at EurekaCrystalBeads and  bead your heart out until next time!

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